Breakthrough Treatment For Incontinence

Release yourself from the worry and hassle of incontinence

Incontinence in Women and Men
BLT Emsella
Why hold out when you can’t hold on to your urine?
Is incontinence becoming more of a problem as you age?
Are you plagued by urine leakage when you jump, sneeze or run?
Are you tired of getting up at night to go or have an uncontrollable urge to go?
Learn more about BLT Emsella, a non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence that provides results for both women and men.
Innovative Treatment That Delivers
Life-Changing Results
This is one of the most exciting and dramatic treatments offered by Reverse Medical Spa. Women and men plagued with incontinence problems are finding relief with this revolutionary treatment. Ninety-five percent of Emsella patients report a significant improvement in their quality of life.

How It Works

Emsella stimulates and rehabilitates weakened muscles located deep in your pelvic floor and restores neuromuscular control.
Emsella uses high-intensity, focused electromagnetic or HIFEM technology to stimulate natural muscle contractions in your pelvic floor. These contractions are stimulated at a much faster and much more intense rate than you could achieve through any other strengthening exercises. In one 30-minute session, Emsella induces 11,000 muscle contractions. That is equivalent to 11,000 Kegel exercises!

What Can You Expect?

A medical professional will meet with your during your free consultation and review your general medical history, discuss your urinary incontinence issues and any previous treatments to evaluate if Emsella is right for you.
If you are a candidate for Emsella, a typical treatment takes about 30 minutes. It is recommended that you undergo six sessions scheduled twice a week over three weeks. Some patients may notice a decrease in symptoms after just one treatment. Your results will continue to improve with each subsequent treatment.
  • Nearly 75 percent of patients reduced or eliminated their use of pads for urinary incontinence
  • Treatment is as easy as sitting, fully clothed, in the specially designed Emsella chair.
  • Emsella has no side effects and requires no downtime or recovery.
Fully clothed
Safe & effective